Travel Safety – Corporate

Travel Security Services & Secure Transportation

We, at Global Secure Consulting (GSC), know that travel security is needed in a world where nothing’s secure – and there are no second chances!

No-one can say it’s ever been easy to navigate around the world we live in.  Moreover, it’s becoming increasingly more complex to deal with.
Simply put : As it’s necessary and a risk for companies to send their people out “into the world”, it’s not a risk one can take lightly. Whether a high-profile VIP or an employee travelling to meetings, a conference or exhibition or even relocating, GSC offers over three decades experience, the logistical know-how, culture, languages and being street-smart to make the right decisions timeously in order to ensure the safety of all concerned.

We strive to match our profile to accommodate yours.  We have trained men and women, armed, when necessary, who speak English, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian or French (and/or a few other languages) and who will be available according to the scope of work of each assignment.

GSC knows that high profile executive personnel require a whole different set of security protocols compared to other company employees travelling abroad.  We know that the requirements are not the same and we offer customized action-plans for different travelers.

Secure transport also takes two to tango. We will take all input from our Client’s into consideration and adjust and adapt accordingly, without compromising safety and security.

Logistics, customized planning, contingency considerations – these are all part of our standard modus operandii.