Private Clients

Can anyone disagree that we are living in truly turbulent times? Unprecedented domestic unrest and crime, global strife, hate crimes and more have opened up an exceptional demand for guaranteed private security services.

Global Secure Consulting (GSC) steps up to the line offering private and personalized security support and services for individuals, families and organizations to effectively protect them and their immovable assets against the malicious elements of the modern society.
Let’s rather not refer to this as ‘muscle for hire’ but instead, refer to this as a high level of sophistication and proficiency contributing to an improved state and peace of mind.

GSC ensures the security service for high net-worth individuals is suitable to their lifestyle and appropriately seamless, whilst integrating all elements into their day-to-day lifestyles.

Our priorities of privacy and confidentiality leads to low-profile movements of our Clients and success all around in what we do for them.

GSC have in excess of 30 years’ experience in providing security for individuals, families, Government executives and their assets – regardless of whether on vacation, at home or on the move.

Our experience in high net-worth security brings a real-life understanding of the value of assessment, evaluation, planning and briefing prior to deployment. This ensures the early identification of threats. In-In-depth risk assessments are carried out by our teams when services include providing transportation and movements. Similarly, detailed studies are carried out on properties and assets where GSC will provide security services.

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Our principal languages:
> English
> Hebrew
> Arabic
> Russian
> French

Ultra-Orthordox Jewish Communities:
GSC offer services within the Ultra-Orthodox communities with full consideration and respect for their culture and traditions.

Please contact us and send us a message with your requirements – totally confidentially, of course – and we will respond ASAP, typically within a number of hours – click here