Investigations – Private

Global Secure Investigations (GSC) are geared to provide a wide range of services including investigating, research and surveillance.

Objective & Discrete Reporting
GSC’s focus is to provide objective, discreet reports on a subject and his/her surroundings in an effort to obtain information regarding his/her activities and abilities. Surveillance is a valuable way to obtain to help substantiate any reasonable doubts about the legitimacy of a claim or the extent of an injury or the location of a subject.

We are geared to provide information regarding a subject’s identity, general activities, confirmation of address, mode of transportation, and possible current employment, etc. – always according to the specified scope of work.

Background Checks/ Public Records/ Database Search
GSC has access to the most current and informative databases available. Background investigations include, but are not limited to:
> Motor vehicle searches – vehicle and/or driver records.
> Criminal records
> Civil claims
> Asset searches
> Subject verification – names, addresses, dates of birth, etc.

Social Media / Internet Investigations
Our GSC skilled team looks into all of social media to access information regarding the subject’s activity levels, family, employment, etc.

Undercover Investigations
Undercover investigations in the subject’s place of employment to determine specific requirements as specified in the scope of work.

Please contact us and send us a message with your requirements – totally confidentially, of course – and we will respond ASAP, typically within a number of hours – click here