Serving South-Africa in a Global Capacity with High Standards of Safety & Security

Global Secure Consulting have merged with South-African partners to provide professional safety and security services to various institutions, farmers, high net worth individuals and private entities through sound strategic planning & methodology. Our services have a broad scope since South-Africa is experiencing a crime phenomenon , because life matters and every second counts.

We are on a constant consulting basis with the, the Department of Homeland Security , local police departments and private security firms to help resolving this problem.

Our Services are focused on providing armed & unarmed security to various companies, individuals and entities , creating a fine balance between a welcoming enviroment and effective security according , with our safety & security recommendations ,high standards and stamp of approval which includes the following :

  • Site evaluation 
  • Security Plan
  • Risk management analysis
  • Security budget adaptation
  • Site protection planning
  • Site control planning
  • Preparation of a protection file
  • Approving the protection file
  • Realization of the protection solution
  • Initial training and simulation training
  • Training of volunteers
  • Finalizing regulations
  • Running drills
  • Delivery of a working solution to the customer

About South-African Partners

South-Africa partners have formed a group from former special forces members to fight the current problem of crime and especially the problem of farm killings. SAP and Global Secure Consulting are joining hands to strengthen this relationship and to help preventing a new trend of terror that is destroying this beautiful country.

About Yehuda Shmuel, MA

Yehuda Shmuel has served in the South-African Police Special Task Force and was one of the youngest instructors of its time. His dynamic thoughts and vision made him excel in the security industry.

Through the years he gained international experience and recognition via various organizations and private organizations. His first degree he obtained while serving in the South-African Police and Special Task Force.

He immigrated to Israel and provided his expertise in various security projects. During his time in Israel, he received his Masters in Counter Terrorism , Homeland Security Defense and Cyber. Today he is the proud owner and founder of Global Secure Consulting. See LinkedIn

South-African Partners and CEO Yehuda Shmuel have joined forces to provide security services to South-Africa .