Personal Security : Your Hands-on guide to Safety & Security

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Personal security : Your Hands-on guide to Safety & Security

  • This book is dedicated to all the people in the world that want to improve their personal security and safety.
  • The Author of the book is a veteran security and safety expert in his field.
  • These methods can be applied to your day to day life by using expert strategy and innovations and it will show you how to be more aware of how you perceive security and what is your perceptions towards security?
  • What is your perspective of personal security?
  • Modern technology has flooded the market and the question remains that these technologies are most of the times only applying after the fact.
  • The Author explains that combining security & safety technologies and within the field experience provides you with the desired results.
  • Real Cases are shown and analysed to show the reader how one is perceiving personal safety and security. The Author shows that with changing one’s perspective and daily awareness that one has already upgraded his or her personal security.
  • When you can prevent or avoid from getting into the ring (a dangerous situation ), that’s your level of emotional and social intelligence.
  • This book shows you how to be innovative, and how to combine strategies in order to gain the upper hand against the people, individuals and organisations planning to harm you, your family or your institutions that means something to you, Because Life Matters & Every Second Counts.


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