Global Community Training

Who can say “don’t worry” about the safety and security of Jewish Diaspora Communities and all other international communities, regardless of religion or race?

The GSC Academy offers courses to increase the Community personnel’s security measures to an extreme high level of super alertness and safety precautions and readiness.

Even whilst Diaspora Jewish Community Centers, Synagogues, schools, supermarkets, etc are the easiest targets for hate crimes and terrorists, we will train the security personnel of every Community (Jewish or other) to a level of efficiency and competence, to enable them to learn and qualify to possess the skills and security measures needed to stand in the way of the attacker, whereby contributing to deterrence and protecting all those inside the establishment concerned.

We cannot stop the rise in global anti-Semitism and hate crimes against all societies, but we can prepare ourselves to withstand and to repel any attack forthcoming.   As at today, there exists a serious deficiency of trained Jewish security guards in Diaspora Communities worldwide, as there is a similar deficiency in general Communities worldwide. 

Global Secure Consulting offers training developed and focused specifically for security personnel working in Communities worldwide. We are ready and available for training courses here in our Academy or, alternatively, we may run courses in suitable facilities right there on your doorstep.

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