Corporate & Private Security Training

Without any doubt, today, anywhere in the world, where security is concerned, there is no room for error, no time for hesitation and there are no second chances.  Whilst GSC’s courses are structured to include a full curriculum of subjects and operations, all our programmes are nevertheless customized, in coordination with our Clients, to ensure that we cover special needs and scenario’s that may be unique to the Client’s location.

When customizing the training course for a specific Client, we go to great lengths to express the required operational security procedures and the applicable correct positioning to optimize the efficiency of the Client’s security personnel in pre-emption, exposure and confronting any threat or attack.

The following activities make up part of the GSC Academy training:

  • Basic Physical Training – as intensive as the Client specifies
  • Krav Maga – Self Defence
  • Executive Close Protection Practise
  • Weapon Restraint Techniques
  • Navigational Skills
  • Shooting & Safety Skills
  • Tactical Combat Rescue
  • Survival Training
  • Reality Simulations Training
  • Basic First Aid
  • Body Language Speaks
  • High-tech methodologies

Every program is custom-created uniquely and independently for each group.

For further information about our GSC Academy:
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