Community Safety Worldwide

Sacred Places should be Safe Places

A prepared community is a safe community. There is no reason that the subject of security should make people nervous. It is reality today for all of us and it is equally important to speak openly about safety and security within our communities and neighborhoods.

Global Secure Consulting is not reinventing security. We only perfected training to ensure the safety and security of children, women and men in communities worldwide, who send their teams to the GSC Academy for training.

Who can say “don’t worry” about the safety and security of Jewish Diaspora Communities that are targeted so often by evil, wicked, despicable individuals who attack communities for anti-Semitic or pure hate reasons? We are ready to provide training for your community teams.

Sadly though today, Jewish Communities do not have “exclusivity” on being attacked. The reality is that our world is plagued with violence and other tragic incidents. Global Communities worldwide, regardless of religion or race, are being targeted by similar evil, wicked, despicable individuals.
Everyone, within his/her community, prefers not to think about violence and tragedy when they walk into their place of worship, however the frightful threat of violence in Holy Places worldwide is very real. History has proven that violence will occur when and where one least expects it. Prevention is better than cure and forewarned is forearmed.

Is your community safe and secure?

We provide training, developed and focused specifically for security personnel working in communities, churches, school complexes, etc, worldwide. Our GSC Academy in Modiin, Israel, is available for training courses or, alternatively, we may run courses in suitable facilities right there on your doorstep.

Please contact us for more details.

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