Background to the GSC Academy :

Our Academy was established following requests from Clients in the security sector who felt there was a lack of professionalism in the levels of operations of their personnel, and the urgent need for the instilling of modern, expert security methodologies. The GSC Academy was first launched with the focus of high-level training in all spheres of operations within the security sector, to uplift the competence and operational capability of personnel.

In the cases of Law Enforcement and Para-Military, our training courses are modified and fine-tuned accordingly making the courses suited to the relevant sector.

We do not promote “refresher courses” in any form or kind – in fact our courses are all designed and implemented to boost the real-life efficiency and level of personnel readiness in any threat situation. In the reality of our world, there are no second chances.

Our Academy provides professional training which produces professional, skillful results. We cater for management, fighters, strategists, thinkers – all at the same time.
The GSC Academy could be referred to as the new holistic future of security proficiency.

The off-shoot of all of the above, was the establishment of the GSC Academy all-year round tourist training facilities during which we run short and longer intensive seminars/courses for “recreational purposes”.

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