Executive Concierge Services

Global Secure Consulting (GSC) personal concierge service runs on the most basic of principles. People want things done but don’t have the time to do them. But they’re willing to pay someone to take care of their needs efficiently and with a touch of class. This ‘someone’ is GSC and we provide a host of services to individuals – travelers from abroad or those living locally.

GSC makes luxury concierge service accessible to our Clients.  We have men and women ready to dedicate their time to serving the needs of foreign guests’ (travelers) and help them reach their goals.

International tourists and people going abroad on business, also look for extraordinary experiences, adventures and personal travel services. With a GSC personal travel concierge you can have it all.  GSC knows all the ins and outs of all legal, social and cultural aspects of travelling in a number of countries and provide their clients with VIP 24/7 support.  We are professionals with extensive knowledge of hospitality, foreign languages and tourist attractions in the country of visit.

Generally speaking, anything starting from the moment you leave the plane, train or ship at the place of your destination, and until you board your plane or ship upon the end of your trip – our travel concierges can take care of everything in between those two points.

We, at GSC, are quite flexible specialists.  Therefore, once we receive the Client’s plans, dates, desires and needs, we will put together a customized travel service to cater for all the demands and requirements.

Please contact us and send us a message with your requirements – totally confidentially, of course – and we will respond ASAP, typically within a number of hours – click here