About Us

Global Secure Consulting (GSC) grew out of the expanded needs of existing Clients who required a wider range of specialist services and support. For over 30 years, Yehuda Shmuel, Founder & CEO of GSC, has dedicated himself to providing result-orientated solutions in everything he did. Our focus is to address the security and risk needs of our private and corporate Clients and provide them with peace of mind – we know there are no second chances!

Our Ethics & Values:
GSC operates and ‘breathes’ only by the following principles and core values:
Integrity – There is no compromise for being honest and moral.
Reliability – Striving for consistent quality standards in everything we do.
Dedication – Our commitment to serving others shows in our actions.
Dependability – Trustworthy and ‘being there’ for our Client.
Persistence – Our drive demonstrates our perseverance and support.
Consistency – Our operational effectiveness shows by our Client’s recommendations.
Determination – Our persistence for achieving exactness and accuracy.

Why choose GSC ?

Over 30 years of extensive, hands-on experience coupled with uncompromising Client services in the fields of law enforcement and safety, intelligence, corporate security, risk management and special overseas operations.
Our team is focused on delivering superior results and outstanding value to achieve cost-effective but accurate results and meeting the timing needs of our Clients.
Projects involving research, assessments and investigations are handled with the same passion for perfection.

Discretion & Confidentiality:
We operate under a strict code of practice that ensures confidentiality and ethics, above all else.
All of our assignments are performed with the highest level of discretion and integrity.

We are approved Vendors/Contractors to the Israeli Ministry of Defense.
Our Authorized Vendor/Contractor Number: 11019912

Global Reach:
Our overseas network allows us to conduct work in numerous locations around the world. If we take on an assignment, it is only because we are familiar with jurisdictions, cultures and local modus operandii of a location/country. These include Africa – West, East, South & Central, parts of Middle East and most of Europe.

We strive to match our profile to accommodate yours.

Our principal languages:
> English
> Hebrew
> Arabic
> Russian
> French

Ultra-Orthordox Jewish Communities:
GSC offer services within the Ultra-Orthodox communities with full consideration and respect for their culture and traditions.

Please contact us and send us a message with your requirements – totally confidentially, of course – and we will respond ASAP, typically within a number of hours – click here