About our CEO

Yehuda Shmuel was born and raised in South Africa and after extensive combat services in the SA Police Special Forces, he settled in Israel and immediately started making a reputation for himself as a reliable, trustworthy and ethical security specialist.

Yehuda is fully qualified in Criminology with an additional M.A. in Counter-Terrorism, Homeland Security, Defense & Cyber Terror, and Tactical Combat Rescue – to name only a few.

In addition to his advanced training and experience in the the South African Police Special Forces and the Israel Defense Force, he also completed Tactical Combat Rescue Training in Greece as well as Anti-Terrorist Assistance Training & Officer Survival Training in the USA.

Education, training and real-life experience has made Yehuda a high-profile expert in multiple elements of safety, security, protection, forensics, risk management and training others – and is always thinking outside the box to see the bigger picture.

He is a recognized consultant with an outstanding and proven record across multiple sectors. Yehuda is a professional who is well-known for his successful track record of competent delivery on responsibilities, planning and implementation, effective utility supervision and sector strategy development.

Yehuda also has senior level experience in the private sector with leading international companies. He is entrepreneurial and innovative and he constantly leverages analytical, communications, negotiating and problem solving skills for decision making and agenda setting. His tested abilities to work with small and large teams, in ambiguous conditions, and to drive change and produce results, are well known and highly respected.

Yehuda writes :
My ongoing focus is to provide Clients with the best possible services in the industry. I strive to integrate all the key services efficiently, in order to provide swift, viable and economical results at all times.

I am confident that Global Secure Consulting is a premiere service provider that handles all multiple scopes of work as described here, within this website. For over 30 years, I have worked hard to broaden my experience in the market place and I believe that we have achieved our professional goals of extraordinary service to the industry.

I truly believe that within our security industry, GSC is certainly among the Rolls Royce’s in a world of Toyota’s, Audi’s and BMW’s.

As a Special Forces operative, I came to understand this saying that my Commanding Officer used to tell us regularly:
You have never lived until you have almost died, and those who fight for it …. life has a special flavour …. the protected will never know.”

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